Radiant Skin Set - Dual C +E + Ferulic Serum Plus Ultra Clear Daily Skin Hydrator SPF 50

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Sizes:  1.7 oz



SPF Rx Radiant Skin Set - Dual C +E +Ferulic Power Antioxidant Serum Plus Ultra Clear Daily Skin Hydrator With SPF 50, Provides powerful antioxidant protection to prevent photodamage, age spots and collagen breakdown, while also moisturising and nourishing the skin with SPF 50 sun protection and protection from indoor lighting (HEV, LED, smartphone and computer/iPad screen radiation).

Separately Priced, these two popular products would sell for $100.00, but you can now get them together for a limited time, at this low combined price.


More Information
Brand SPF Rx
Product Focus Anti-aging Plus SPF
Sizes 2pc Set
Pack Size 1 Set
SPF Type Hybrid
Benefits Anti-aging, Antioxidant Skin Brightener, Vegan, Mineral Based, SkinCare Set, Water Resistant, Sheer Absorbing, Zinc Oxide, Herbal
Fragrance Unscented
Textures Variety